i'm mona (monanina) wrote in oink,
i'm mona

to the east coast journalizers:

just out of curiousity, spawned from *points below* previous post, how much is....

mcdonalds: chicken mcnugget meal
togos: pastrami sandwich meal
arbys: a number one
dominos: kickers (w/ or w/o pizza... doesn't matter)
carl's junior: bacon western cheeseburger meal
burger king: ... nevermind, don't really eat there
wendys: is the dollar menu the same?
kfc: chicken strip meal

...and any other places/input would be great.
the aforementioned is off the top of my head at this exact moment.
i'm moving to nyc
and heard the prices are more expensive.
i'm scared
because i'm a pig

oh ya, hi everyone.
i'm mona.
and this is my first post <3
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