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hey! i just joined. mm.. im joey, and, well.. i love food!?!?..

my favorite at the moment is ramen. but i also love any kind of italian food.. and.. chicken fried rice!! .. yes. mm.. mm. MM!

well. i just wanted to introduce myself.. so.. HI! :o
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mm, pasta alfredo
^__^ welcome aboard
I have been on SUCH a ramen kick too! what do you like with yours? Shiitake ramen-- MMMM. so good.

Italian food also is so wonderful, canolis so good you feel your heart attack coming on, LOL.

hi! :D
i love ramen. i've taken to eating it underdone, its good like that once in a while. but alas, i am not able to eat it anymore as i am forced to stay away from salty foods. *sigh*... the noodles themselves are almost good enough to eat alone though. i used to just snack on the try noodles.