Lauren (bootie_17) wrote in oink,

Just Joined!!

Just joined this community...


I just made a BLT this morning... I love cooking just as much as I love eating :-P

For my birthday I went to Red Lobster and had the ultimate feast... with king crab legs, lobster tail, two different kinds of shrimp and mashed potatos... DAMN... I could eat that every day... HAHA

I also have a weakness for Spanish food...

OH HELL, I have a weakness for all foods... :-P~~~~
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Hello! I'm not involved in this community anymore because no one was really posting or commenting when I joined...

To answer your question - YES I LOVE GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES... especially with a little bit of tomato on top.

Red Lobster or ANY seafood I could eat until I bust open like an overripe watermelon...

I've never been on an actual diet but I'm sure it's hard...

Anyways... you can add me as an LJ friend if you want to talk more, I'll do the same for you

Enjoy your food :-P